What is GPL !

November 15, 2020

GPL or General Public License, is the most commonly used free software license. It was written by Richard Stallman of Free Software Foundation for GNU Project. This license allows software to be freely used, modified, and redistributed by anyone. WordPress is also released under the GPL license, which means that WordPress is an open source software that can be used, modified, and extended by anyone.

The WordPress project considers GPL license to be its philosophical equivalent of the bill of rights. It provides the core basic values that the project believes in.

  • Anyone can download and run the software
  • Anyone can modify it
  • Anyone can redistribute free copies of the software
  • Anyone can distribute modified versions of the software.

Did ye recognize that amount a GPL consent capability up to expectation once you download a theme and plugin, thou can use, customize and even part that including your pals postulate thou wish? Well, you can, also agreement theme then plugin developers don’t like it.

We tooled wpexpresstore.com according to bust abilities concerning the GPL licence, according to part the expenses on subject matters or plugins by means of dividing to them together with ye at a tons greater less costly cost.

Because we necessity to help thou decrease the price on building thine next WordPress website!

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